Code with mates, not just colleagues

Quality code and new colleagues! *

Codemate is a Creative Tech Agency with roots in Finland. We design, code and care for our customer’s digital services. Briefly said, we create seamless digital solutions which are intuitive to use and create real value for our customers. Every project is unique and you’ll be able to constantly develop yourself and keep on learning.

Maybe it’s time to code with mates? At the moment we are looking for Full Stack Developers. Take a step forward with Codemate!

* Some of the colleagues might be also old acquaintances.

Would you be interested in for example these kinds of projects?

Google Flutter DevTools

Google wanted to improve the developer experience of Flutter applications, by improving DevTools, the main utility tool for Flutter developers. It was getting hard to understand and debug complex apps and Google asked Codemate to help with the user experience.



Netflix data science – Metaflow UI

Netflix developed a tool called Metaflow to boost the productivity of data scientists. Codemate has partnered up with Netflix to make Metaflow more powerful and usable by designing and developing its first graphical user interface.


Mun Moi – operator apps

Moi Mobiili wanted to rebuild their B2C application called Mun Moi as the old one did not support new feature ideas and newly launched products. The purpose of this application is to offer Moi’s clients a possibility to manage their account details and subscriptions and to follow their subscription’s data consumption on the go.




An unexpected journey is waiting


Working with us, we help you get to the next level and have fun while at it. For us this is more than a job – at Codemate we are not just professionals, but friends who want to work in a great community. Together we decide how we do our job and what kind of work culture we have.

Everyone who joins Codemate brings in valuable skills that help our customers go forward in their digital journey. The hunger to learn more and get better every day unites us. We support your personal growth with mentoring and projects with the latest technologies where you can challenge yourself in a supportive environment.

We work on impactful and sustainable projects and create value that counts for our customers. At the same time everyone is able to influence their daily work to make life smoother and a bit more fun.

Mentoring, personal growth and latest technologies

We have a perfectly sized company. We can make great things, but everyone’s opinion matters. Codemate makes it possible for me to continuously develop my skills. We are working with the latest technologies and keeping ourselves up-to-date on what’s happening. I have been working with cool companies like Adidas and Netflix in awesome teams.

I also enjoy the freedom and responsibility. Together with my colleagues I get define what and how we do our work. At Codemate people really matter, and everyone is taken into Codemate family.

Matias Savela
Software Architect & Mentor

Work that fits your life

Family comes first and life situations change. We do everything we can to adapt your work to fit the different stages in your life. Be it education, parental leave, shorter work week or temporary escape to a warmer hemisphere, together we find ways to make it happen.