Barona IT has been partnering up with the world’s leading Mobility as a Service company MaaS Global by helping them with tech recruitments and HR operations for the past three years.

“We started with some tasks related to HR setup and with a couple of critical recruitments. One thing led to another and at the end of the day we have spent the last three years helping them with their growth.”

-Arja Martikainen, Barona IT

MaaS Global is one of the most interesting global tech companies in Finland. The company is originally a Finnish start-up that is aiming to replace private car ownership globally. They are behind the award-winning Whim app that provides diverse transport options for traveling from point A to B without ever owning a car.

“When we started our partnership there were around 20 people and now we employ around 85 persons, in Helsinki, Japan, Netherlands, and Austria. Things are looking quite different compared to the beginning.”

– Chris Halloran, MaaS Global

Barona IT – a partner for demanding IT recruitments

Business growth and multiple investment rounds meant that MaaS Global needed to find talent to support their growth. Besides, there was a need to rethink their HR operations.

“We understood that if we want to grow, we need to be able to find the best possible people and keep them happy. We need people who can build something new, feel passionate about our mission, and have the rights skills. Finding these people we needed help from the outside. ”

– Chris Halloran, MaaS Global

MaaS Global was looking for a partner that can provide help with demanding recruitments but also a partner that can understand the business and improve it. There were multiple options but in the end Barona IT was chosen.

“Barona was the one who wanted to understand our business and understood what it takes to build a company like MaaS Global. Arja from Barona IT had proven hands-on experience in how to grow a global tech company. We became close partners quickly. Barona is very proactive and people in Barona are superior and know how to help.”

– Chris Halloran, MaaS Global

The partnership started with demanding recruitment cases where MaaS Global wanted to find senior developers, designers, and marketing professionals with strong MarTech background.

“We are a tech company with a heavy focus also in service. Helsinki is tech heaven which means that the talent market is very demanding. We are competing with many interesting companies from famous game companies to smaller startups. Finding the right people has been critical for our growth. It would have been almost impossible to grow as fast without partners like Barona IT.”

– Chris Halloran, MaaS Global

Over these three years, Barona has helped us to find close to 50 specialists, for example, developers, designers, finance, and HR specialists. As time went by, the partnership grew to include also other business units from Barona and recruiting also to outside of Finland.

“Concept of Mobility-as-a-Service has been an eye-opening experience for me about how the world may be in the future. It is really exciting and you get passionate about it very quickly. It was great to combine my former start-up experience with a case like MaaS Global.”

-Arja Martikainen, Barona IT


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